Maria Elisabeth of France (1704 - Present) is the Holy Roman Empress, Queen in Germany and Queen-Consort of Stolz and the Habsburg dominions as the spouse of Augustus II, Holy Roman Emperor.

She was born a French princess, a great-granddaughter to King Louis XIV as well as an elder sister to King Louis XV. She was the daughter of the Duke of Burgundy.

Reign of King Louis XIV in France - Son Altesse, Princesse de France Edit

Maria Elisabeth, Holy Roman Empress, was born as Marie Elisabeth de France at the Palace of Versailles in 1704. She was born to the Duke and Duchess of Burgundy and had a twin brother, Louis. The birth was attended by many of the French High Nobility, as well as King Louis XIV. There was a small ball put on later in the evening for the birth of the twins.

Marie was put into the care of the governeur des enfants de France. At age 7, she was sent off to the Abbey of Mont-Saint Michel.